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The cactus which you’ve purchuased with us loves a sunny site preferably a windowsill facing south. There it gets the most of the suns run. Also a site facing east or west is possible, as long as it gets some hours of direct sunlight each day. Avoid placing your cactus on a windowsill facing north. There isn’t sufficient sunlight to maintain an proper photosynthesis in order to produce strong cell material. 

If you’ve purchuased a succulent which prefers a shady site we obviously point it out so you can find the right spot for you new plant.


Culture medium

The choice of your culture medium is the most important by cultivating a cactus. The cactus or succulent you’ve purchuased comes in a culture medium rich in minerals. It is comprised of lava, billowed clay, other porous material and charcoal which helps prevent fungal infections. Regarding the habitat of a cactus which is a rock desert the medium is lacking any nutrients for no such components are found in a stony desert. Rather it prefers minerals which are washed out of the substrate each time you water your plant. 

There are some cacti and succulents which tolerate humus soil for their root system differentiates from cacti growing in the deserts of Mexico. If you got yourself a cactus with this properties we will point it out so you can mix the suitable medium for your plant.

Avoid buying soil in department stores. Those mediums have a far too high content of humus soil and even additions of peat which is absolutely unsuitable for a cactus. 



If you’d like to repot your plant at any stage make sure it’s during the spring- or summer season when your  plant is in growth. The culture medium should be completely dried out before you take the plant out of its pot. Otherwise you’ll risk injuries of the plants root system which in combination with watering could lead the plant to rot. Also leave the plant for at least 24 hours on a plate in case there have been any injuries to its root system so the wound could dry out. Don’t worry you could leave your plant lying around like that for month without killing it for It’s a water storing plant and can obtain itself even without substrate for a long period. After having given it a new home respectively a new pot don’t water the plant for another two weeks. Again, if there are still any injuries you want to be on the safe side and not risking your plant to rot or to get any fungal infections. Everything should be healed off after two week and you can now water the plant thoroughly.



From March to the end of September, while the growing season, you may give your cactus a lot of water once in two weeks. It can delay, if March is still cold or September still very warm.

There are two ways of watering your cactus. You can put it in a basin full of water and let it drink. Or you just pour the water over the cactus. 

DON’T give your cactus a bottom plate, it hates wet feet!

For best results, water your cactus on a rainy day or in the evening hours. Otherwise the sun is gonna drink up the water, or worse, due to water drops on the cactus’ epidermis, it will get burned.

Don’t use water directly from the tap. The freed scale will cause chlorosis, just like what happens to humans, and further your plants early death. 

Fresh Rainwater oder boiled tap-water, which you allow to stand overnight, so the scale can sink, will give your cactus a long, happy life. 


The interphase between spring and autumn

Just like sleeping beauty, your cactus wants to be gently sent to sleep and also wants to be gently awoken. You may wake your cactus with sprinkling water on his epidermis. This sprinkling gives the cactus an impulse to build his hair roots, which are essential for later water absorption. 

After two weeks, you give it a LITTLE bit of water. If you give too much water, it will blow up, his epidermis is gonna get cracks. After another two weeks, you may give it water the first time for real.

In autumn, it’s just the other way around. As soon as the weather is getting uncomfortable, you start to give it less and less water. Before the winter break, you just gently sprinkle it with water.

Tip: Horsetail-sprinklings have a preventive effect against shrooms, while valerian stimulates the blooms and makes it resistant against wetness or coldness.



In wintertime, your cactus is resting, just like he takes a break in his native country in the months of summer.

This hibernation brings many advantages, such as to thoughen your cactus, on the other hand, hibernation makes your cactus successfully bloom while growing season. Also your cacti can grow under same circumstances as in it’s native country.

The ideal place for hibernation is bright and cold, which means 4-12 Grad Celcius. If you don’t have the opportunity to put the plant somewhere cold, you can hibernate bright at room temperature.

Before you water the first time again in springtime, you have to sprinkle the cactus with water for two weeks. Pay attention, that your cactus does not get direct warmth from down. If you have floor heating, put your cactus one meter above the ground. 

Don’t give water while hibernation. Your cactus is going to shrink and get some rest. If you give him water while hibernation it is going to die!

This is due to the fact, that the cactus’ hair roots die off in wintertime. The hair roots are used by the cactus to absorb water. Because your cactus can’t absorb water in winter you would drown it and it would start to foul. 


any other business

Your cactus will most certainly get a sunburn if you directly put it from indoors to outdoors. If you do so, it is recommended to cover it with tissue paper for at least four days. 



And now, have fun, enjoy your new Friend For a Lifetime.



Die Strohente ist bis und mit dem 23. Dezember durchgehend jeden Samstag am Rosenhofmarkt in Zürich .

Eure Strohente
the milani-birds

∞Herbstproduktion 7.10.23∞

Die Strohente stellt für euch frische Vitalpilztinkturen her.

Am 7.10.23 ist die Stohente deshalb nicht am Rosenhof.

Eure Strohente
the milani-birds


Samstag, 15. Juni - Stohente abwesend

Wir sind ab dem 22. Juni wieder für dich am Rosenhof Markt.

Die Milani-birds

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