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Feel the vibration of your soul.

feel the vibration of infinite information around you. become the vibration of eternal cosmic knowing.

And again a journey around the sun.

to the incarnated human beings. 

Let’s feel our souls and align with earth’s consciousness.

feel the needs of the planet.

feel your dedication for your own existence. feel the joy about your own incarnation.

Align with all divine earth vibrations. remember your path , enjoy the cells finding inner peace and balancing all the energy meridians in and around the body.

Consciously Breathing every rest of resistance out of the system. In and out ∆ same and same ∆ you and me ∆ dark and light ∆ moon and sun.

Just flow.

coming from earth.

going to compost.

that is all.

Warmfully we are thinking of every moving moment we share with you.

Mindful we flow through this coming suncycle protecting the duck tribe and your healing journeys.

∞manifest consciously∞

die Strohente

the milani birds


Die Strohente ist bis und mit dem 23. Dezember durchgehend jeden Samstag am Rosenhofmarkt in Zürich .

Eure Strohente
the milani-birds

∞Herbstproduktion 7.10.23∞

Die Strohente stellt für euch frische Vitalpilztinkturen her.

Am 7.10.23 ist die Stohente deshalb nicht am Rosenhof.

Eure Strohente
the milani-birds


Samstag, 15. Juni - Stohente abwesend

Wir sind ab dem 22. Juni wieder für dich am Rosenhof Markt.

Die Milani-birds

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