Spring is near. Countless miracles find their way into existence. Life wants to bee seen ∆ Life needs to be reflected. Being in existence with a body is a transforming journey. We are bathing in frequencies of information and transformation. Realize – be quiet and listen – the beauty of everything is around you. Open your eyes and let the universe taking care of you. The circle of life is organized in Cyles and balanced symbiotic relationships between  molecules ∆  mycel ∆  plants ∆  animals . Breathing with the flow of life ~ come with the body and the mind into a joyful and healthy existence. 

Spring – New existences are coming to live and finding their balance between interdimensional polarities. Finding inner balance in every set of polarities ~ earthlings call it peace ∆ freedom ∆ love ∆ health .

Being the frequency of balance ∆ the simple holy grail of living. 

And so many newborn beings who are on their way to be a part of this earths light. Be a part of inner balance. Be a healing soul. This earth counts on you – be the change – be brave.

Nourish your existence ∆  breathe – let everything go. What still is in perception is you ∆  is the eternal frequency of the universe.